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Relayer Benefits Group believes that our role is to empower you when planning for retirement. In other words, we “relay” information to our clients so they can feel confident and prepared. For over 17 years, we’ve had the chance to work with thousands of people to protect their earnings, and build a retirement strategy with confidence. We have a laser focus on helping retirees with two things: protecting their principal and creating a lifetime income. Because of this specific approach, we often say, “We’re not for everyone. But, we’re for anyone who believes in safety first in retirement.”

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Relayer Benefits Group

Get in touch with Relayer Benefits Group. We’ll review your current retirement strategy, provide you with options, and help you every step of the way.

3 Main principals when planning for retirement


Above All, Protect Your Principal.


Keep things simple and manageable.


Look for reasonable rates of return.**

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Never Run Out of Money

Often, this is a primary concern for clients. “Will I run out of money in retirement?” This fear is not unfounded. In fact, some people have experienced the pain of losing money during a market downturn. When the dip in the market is larger, like what happened in 2008 and again in 2020, it can be worrisome. Thankfully, there are ways to protect your money, even when the market drops. Our team is here to help review these options, and help you determine which may be right for you. Even if you are just looking to protect a small portion of your income, these strategies can help. Be sure to reach out for an appointment with us or attend one of our seminars to learn more about these methods.

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Although we focus on keeping your money safe from loss, we also believe reasonable rates of return** matter, too. You may be wondering how it is possible to get both safety and returns. The key is using specific types of products such as fixed index annuities (FIAs) and indexed universal life (IUL) policies. Depending upon the type of policy you choose, you may find favorable outcomes. If you’re looking to learn more, we highly recommend you attend an upcoming webinar or seminar. Or, if you prefer, reach out for a personalized appointment.

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Relayer Benefits Group

Unlike some advisors, we aren’t trying to be “all things to all people.” Instead, we help people with a few very specific goals. First, we focus on helping you protect your principal. You’ve worked hard for your earnings. We believe that deserves protection. Second, we help clients develop a lifetime of income you can count on. Depending upon the strategy, this income may even be tax-free. Finally, we provide a clear path to making a retirement strategy, including ways to protect your beneficiaries after you pass on.

In addition, we take a very direct and honest approach with our clients. Early in his career, our founder, Mark Jacobsohn, worked as an insurance wholesale brokerage consultant in both a sales and management capacity. He saw first hand – literally more than a thousand times – products sold that benefited the advisor selling the product more than the client. It was over the next 18 years that Mark developed the philosophy of his future firm, a company that would always put clients first, never offering proprietary products or policies that failed the test of not being in the interests of his clients. Our team is not about “making a sale.” Instead, our job is to relay information to you and help you make better-informed decisions to help you attain your goals and improve your situation.

Insurance Companies
and Relayer Benefits Group

To have security in retirement, your money needs to be safe from loss. When you work with Relayer Benefits Group, your money is protected by an insurance company. The insurance providers we work with carry top ratings in the industry for annuities and life insurance. We seek solutions that help you preserve principal as well as create an opportunity for reasonable rates of return.** For some, these options may be worth considering as an important piece of their retirement strategy. 

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Strategies for Retirement

No Obligation Educational Seminar

Relayer Benefits Group provides educational seminars throughout the year. In fact, we believe that education is key to making the right decision for your own retirement. Each month, we offer both live and online events to educate those in our community. During no obligation  seminars you will enjoy a delicious meal while your learn. For online events, we offer fun and interactive sessions from the comfort of your home. Come learn about stock market fluctuations, retirement alternatives, tax-free income options, and choices for guaranteed* lifetime income. Call today to reserve a seat at one of our events.

Why Relayer Benefits Group?

Of course, there are many financial advisors out there to choose from. At Relayer Benefits Group, we take a simple and direct approach. Do you need to have all your money with us in order to be a client? Absolutely not. In fact, many of our clients decide to use our strategies to protect just a small portion of their wealth initially. Then, over time, they may choose to protect more and more of their retirement income One critical piece in making a decision is to know where you are now. To help with this, we offer one-on-one private sessions at no additional cost. We’ll review your current retirement strategies. In addition, we’ll review other options that may be available to you. With information, you can make a strategy that is suitable for you.

Safety In Retirement

When you’re still working, the risk of the market may be tolerable. But, as people age, they sometimes begin to worry about downturns in the market. What will this do to your earnings? Once you stop earning additional income, a drop in the market may affect you differently. Unlike in working years, your finances may not have time to recover. This is one reason we help clients to keep their money safe for the long-haul.

Simple and Manageable

Most approaches to retirement are complicated. Retirees sometimes feel like they have to constantly watch the markets. Or, they just give up and just start hoping their finances doesn’t drop too much. However, hope isn’t a great strategy in retirement. This is why simplicity matters. For a retirement strategy to work well, you need to understand it. In addition, it needs to allow you to reach your goals and feel confident. That’s what we aim to do for our clients. Also, we dedicate time each year to meet with you, review your contracts or policies, and discuss any changes to your situation. There’s a simple strategy and a simple follow-up. Now, that’s a manageable retirement.

A Rate That Is Reasonable

Planning for retirement, of course, involves income. We have to understand what the rate of return will be in order to predict the income someone can take. If you’ve ever had money in a traditional savings account or a CD, you know that safety sometimes equals low rates. However, there are methods where you can take advantage of higher earnings when an index is up. Yet, protect your money from loss when the index is down. These are the strategies we use to help clients achieve a reasonable rate of return over time.

Let us relay information to you

Your lifelong retirement earnings deserve some protection. Let’s begin by showing you options for doing just that.
Reach out today or attend an upcoming seminar to learn more. 

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