Safety First

We believe in safety before anything else. Your retirement principal should be kept secure. At Relayer Benefits Group, we work with our clients to create the right strategy for them and to make sure they don’t lose their principal. You can find out more by attending one of our seminars or webinars today.

Safe Retirement Income

You may want to look into some safe retirement income choices when getting ready to retire. And if you’re already retired, finding a safe place for your money could be really important. People who are still working, we’ve found, are more willing to take risks. But as we reach retirement, our priorities often shift. You may be okay with risking a small portion of their retirement investments. However, it’s likely that you have at least some money that you want to keep safe from market loss. And at Relayer Benefits Group, we can help you develop a strategy for safe retirement income.

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The 3 Principles That Guide Us

We keep these three ideas in mind in our work, because we believe they help our clients have peace of mind in retirement.

  1. The safety of your assets is put before anything else
  2. It’s possible to have a reasonable rate of return** in retirement.
  3. Keep things simple
How To

Keep Your Money Safe

Protecting your wealth long-term is one of the strategies you can use in retirement. It’s possible to avoid losing your principal, even when the market takes a dive. This is especially important once you’re in retirement, because you have less time for your finances to recover from a market drop during retirement. Yes, investing in the market has its risks. Hence, many retirees look for ways to make sure their principals are safe, regardless of market conditions.

As part of your retirement protection strategy, Relayer Benefits Group offers products such as life insurance and annuities, that can potentially help you protect your wealth and provide income for life. For instance, fixed indexed annuities and annuities, which provide protection for your principal. The issuing insurance company agrees to protect your money, even when the market is down. Some of the product offerings come with a reasonable rate of return over time, too. For many retirees, a fixed indexed annuity is one way to protect their money, have a reasonable rate of return**, and keep things simple, too.

Curious about potential indexed interest income from an annuity? You can attend one of our educational seminars. We can show you retirement possibilities to protect your principal.

Protection For

Your Retirement Future

To some people, the stock market and fund markets are perfectly fine to have as part of your retirement. But for others, the risk of the markets is too great. Many people just can’t stomach seeing their retirement earnings going up and down perpetually, once they’re in retirement or close to it. When the market dipped in 2008, for instance, many retirees saw their earnings drop dramatically. In 2020, there was another rapid change in the market. To some people, uncertainty like this isn’t worth the potential increase. You may be looking for a place to keep your money safe, while still earning a long term reasonable rate.**

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Do Annuities Offer Safety?

Some annuities, such as fixed annuities or fixed indexed annuities, offer the safety of principal. These products are contracts with an insurance company. Once certain conditions have been met, the company guarantees your principal protection, allowing your money to grow with the company for a certain number of years. Once this time period has ended, you can start to get an income for life. The important thing is, your principal balance is protected by the insurance contract. Regardless of what happens in the stock market, your principal is protected.

Other safe money options may include keeping up with money in a bank savings account. The FDIC is insurance that protects your earnings. There’s a cap of 250,000 dollars that you can keep in this account and the FDIC will keep safe. However, with a fixed indexed annuity you can keep larger amounts and earn more interest. Probate may also be simpler with an annuity. Also, if you keep your money in the bank, you pay taxes on the interest yearly, but with a fixed indexed annuity you only pay taxes once you take the money out. Additionally, fixed indexed annuities may offer lifetime income. Contact us to learn more about safe retirement options that could potentially work for you.

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