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Keep it Simple

An Effective strategy for a Simple Retirement

A simple retirement may feel out of reach, with all the different options available and choices to make. First, where will your money be? In a 401(K) or an IRA? And should you keep your money there, or would it be better to move it? What kind of financial vehicles or insurance products will give you a favorable outcome in the long run? Despite all these complicated choices, it is possible to achieve clarity, and a simple retirement strategy is possible.

Simplicity is Key

As retirement nears, things seem to get more complex. When you’re still working, your retirement accounts may have been invested in stocks, mutual funds, or other investments. But investments carry risk, of course. So as retirement comes into view, many people look for ways to secure their income. You may not want to have the risk of the market impacting your retirement money any longer. You need an income in retirement as well, after all. The most important thing you can do for retirement success is to fully understand where your money is and how your retirement works. You want a retirement strategy you can easily understand and implement, one that can help you attain your goals.

Fixed indexed annuities, and certain types of life insurance such as indexed universal life, may have the security of principal you want. In addition, a fixed indexed annuity can provide an income that cannot be outlived, regardless of what happens in the markets. You may also be able to have your income increase over time with a fixed indexed annuity, through the use of an optional income rider. On top of that, a fixed indexed annuity may offer a reasonable rate of return** over the long term. With potentially just 1 or 2 products, you could both protect your principal and have a reasonable rate of return.** Now that’s simplicity.

If you’d like to learn more about simplifying your retirement strategy and protecting your money, you can contact us. We host no obigation seminars and webinars. and offer one-on-one appointments, provided you’ve watched attended one of our workshops at no additional cost.

Simple Retirement


You might take a look at your retirement accounts once you’re getting ready to retire. Your future depends on making sure your retirement strategy is ready, so this is an important step. If you’re like many retirees, though, you might feel overwhelmed by this. People often aren’t sure how to read their statements or don’t really understand where and how their money is invested. You might also have concerns about what might happen to your retirement if the market goes down. We believe in strategies that are simple and straightforward, with safety as their primary concern.

Retirees may want to think about the following things when making a retirement strategy they feel confident in:

  • Where is my money currently, and what are the current risks with my accounts?
  • Will my principal be safe when the market goes down? Do I have any money protected?
  • Do I have an advisor financial professional I can contact with questions? Do I understand everything?
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Keeping Your retirement Simple

Relayer Benefits Group wants you to fully understand all your retirement options. The financial world is complicated, but your retirement doesn’t have to be. Unclear about how your retirement strategy works? Want to find out ways to make things simpler to manage? We can provide you with the education and information you need to make a decision most suitable for you. At the end of the day, a strategy for a simple retirement is one that you understand and feel good about.

During our annual reviews with clients, we discuss their contracts and polcies, and the changes in their lives and in their money. We can work together on a strategy to protect your assets in the long term. Keeping it clear, simple, and straightforward is what we strive to do.

One of our ways of keeping things simple and understandable is the complimentary workshops, dinner seminars and online webinar events that we provide, where we can teach you about retirement options for safety and reasonable rates of return.** Learn more by registering for an event today! We look forward to seeing you and hopefully helping you in securing your future.

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