Relayer Benefits Group can help you protect your wealth. We’ll review ways to help you feel confident in your retirement strategy.

planning for Retirement

Our approach to planning for retirement focuses on protecting your hard-earned income. You’ve built up your wealth; now it is time to protect it. Relayer Benefits Group can help you. For instance, we use specific annuity products and life insurance options to help keep your principal safe. However, we also help people to obtain a reasonable rate of return** in retirement, too. Of course, your stage of retirement earnings will dictate the type of strategy you use. But, when you enter retirement, we believe planning for retirement should be about protection first.

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retirement reviews

Although we do offer many group seminars and webinars throughout the year, we have other options for learning as well. One of these is our retirement review. In this session, we will look over your current strategies, situation, and goals. We can discuss in clear and direct terms how we can help you protect your income and get a guaranteed* income for life. In addition, we can go over other information such as:

  • Benefits of “safety-first” retirement strategies 
  • Potential long-term effects of market fluctuations
  • Risk assessment: how much risk can you afford?
  • Income needs and goals in retirement
  • Transferring wealth to loved ones
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How Relayer Benefits Group Can Help

When it comes to mapping out your financial future, you need professional guidance from someone you trust. We don’t try to “sell” our clients. Instead, we present a clear approach of safety, simplicity and a reasonable rate of return.** If the strategy makes sense for you and your goals, we help you get started. If not, we are clear about that, too. Not every retirement situation is the same. Therefore, meeting with someone who takes an individualized approach is important. What we do, we do well. If you also are looking for protection of your wealth in retirement, we can help.

Retirement Knowledge is Power

Financial decisions are a pretty big deal. Hence, we present many opportunities for you to learn more about your options. For example, we offer webinars and seminars on “Retirement Strategies,” “Tax-Free Income”, and “Protecting Your Wealth.” At these no obiliagation participants enjoy a meal, have some fun, and gain important insights into their financial future. The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Join us at an upcoming event to grant yourself the power of knowledge.

Age & Stage of Retirement

Goals and strategies differ depending on which stage you’re in. If you are still developing your income for retirement, you may be open to a higher-risk portfolio in the stock market. For example, maybe you still have 15 years of more before retirement. Therefore, your finances could have time to bounce back if the market drops. However, what if you are already in retirement? Or, what if it is fast approaching? In that case, you might be looking for less risk. The last thing many retirees want is to lose their money to market volatility after they saved their whole lives.

Some agents focus on an earlier stage of accumulation. However, at Relayer Benefits Group, we only work with pre-retirees and those already in retirement. Our strategy is protection-based. You’ve grown your money. Now it is time to protect it and enjoy it. We can work with you to determine your risk level and which solutions may be right for you.

RElayer Benefits Group Will Help You Design

A No-Fuss, No-Hassle Retirement strategy

We’re known to be a group that gets straight to the point. Relayer Benefits Group is here to help you protect your principal, and have the lifetime income you need. We believe you deserve to feel good about retirement. So, we take a direct, approach that prioritizes safety and a reasonable rate of return.** Could we be a good fit for you? Call us now to find out. We’re dedicated to your long-term retirement success.

A story from NBC News reported that
Baby Boomer women are one of the least financially prepared population segments in our country right now.

According to the AARP, only 10 percent of Boomer women have pensions, and 32 percent have 401ks. 40 percent of Baby Boomer women are single and do not want to be dependent on others for financial stability. Many have returned to work… and not by choice.

While starting your retirement strategy early in life is ideal, it’s not too late for Baby Boomers to work on a nest egg. Indexed annuities are a perfect example of a retirement product many should consider to help ease the angst of planning for retirement and secure guaranteed income for life. With indexed annuities, retirement income is protected from market losses, providing safety for those growing more risk-averse with age and today’s turbulent economy.

For the full story about the financial state of Boomer women, see the video above.

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