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Are you going to turn 65 soon? If so, reach out to us about the options we offer for Medicare. If you have less than 3 months before you turn 65, you’re going to need to make a decision soon; is everything in order? Which plan is the right one for you? We can help you figure that out.


Why Signing Up Early Matters

When you turn age 65, you become eligible for Medicare. However, if you are not receiving Social Security benefits, you may have to sign up in order to get your benefits. In addition, Medicare comes in multiple parts. Choosing a supplemental policy is an important part of your overall coverage. This is why it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about your options now. In fact, it comes with a specific “Initial Enrollment Period” during which time you may sign up, a 7-month window during the month you turn 65, the 3 months after, or the 3 months prior.

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Different Types of Plans

Each plan offers different treatments and care. Choosing a Medicare plan means balancing priorities and knowing what will be the most important thing for you.

Part A covers hospital visits (for example, inpatient stays)

Part B covers doctor’s visits (such as outpatient care and preventive services)

Part D is for prescriptions, and many recommended shots and vaccines

You may have noticed that we skipped “Part C.” Part C is also known as a “Medicare Advantage plan,” and typically includes hospital, doctor, and prescription coverage, and may also include different benefits. Get in contact with us to learn more.

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